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Welcome to Financial Indigo

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What we can offer you:

Results in 30-45 days

Free Consultations

Monthly Coaching Calls

Quarterly Budgeting Techniques

Debt Eraser Budget (Beginner friendly)

Monthly Credit Updates & More

24/7 Client Portal Access

We have been successful at removing:

30, 60, 90 day late payments

Soft & Hard Inquiries




Medical Bills

Student Loans 


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Financial Consultation

Schedule with us

Welcome to Financial Indigo. Please review different booking options and we will reach out to you shortly.


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Business Meeting

Free Consultation

During this consultation, we will evaluate your needs and and express our expectations for you as a client. Your scores and credit report will not be included in this consultation.

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Follow Up

Choose this option monthly for a follow up. During this follow up, we will discuss any deletions, additions, negative and positive accounts and the goal for the upcoming months.

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Financial planning

Need help budgeting? We can help you build a customized budget just for you that will assist you in paying off debt or save for a specific goal.

Credit Score..Exactly what is it?

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Credit Score

A credit score paints a picture to lenders about your creditworthiness. One of the main things they may ask before approving you for an auto loan or home loan would be, “how likely are you able to pay back this loan.” Credit history is a deciding factors on whether lenders will approve or deny you.

Fico scores are the most used scores and are used by 90% of top lenders.

Fico Vs Vantage

Fico groups all information into 5 categories while on the other hand, Vantage groups all credit information into. 6 categories. Additionally, these two scores are weighted differently.

Additionally, payment history make up 35% of your credit report which is the most influential aspect of your credit score.

If you have been recently disapproved for a home loan or auto loan, we can help you achieve the home of your dreams and/or your dream care with a minimum of 6 months to 12 months.

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Financial Analyst

About Financial Indigo

We’re an innovative team of professional and experienced individuals who understand exactly what it takes to remove financial errors from your records. Moreover, we work thoroughly and diligently in order to understand each specific case and find even more ways to improve our clients’ credit scores.

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